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Welcome to our website

Thank you for visiting our web site
As you can see our site is still under construction, some of the references will not redirect you
anywhere when you click on them and you probably will not be able to get all the
answers for your questions right away, but you can allways address all the question to us via
e-mail or by submitting the form, which can be found in our contacts section

We will really be pleased to get any feedback from you about our website, products or
just to hear from you.

A couple of words about who we are

JSC Politech Trading is a young ambitious company Which operates in field of supply of materials for directly buried water network operating companies in Lithuania and the other Baltic States.

We also offer fitting assemblies of steel service pipes, polyurethane thermal insulation and outer casing of polyethylene for district heating pipes - preinsulated bonded pipe systems for directly buried water networks.

You will be able to see the catalogue of our prodects on our website soon

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